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Morning! I’m ready to tell the world and internet my terrible secret. Seriously. I’m going to say it.

New Year resolution bike

I can’t ride a bike.

Yes. I can’t ride a bike. And I was embarrassed to admit it. Then I found out that I’m not alone! Yes! I found out that a few of my friends can’t ride a bike either.

My failed attempts to ride a bike is hilarious! I rode on a bike, fell onto a VERY thorny bush, injured myself and pulled thorns out of my poor derrière. (This would be perfect EPIC FAIL video, luckily there was no video cameras nearby).

Eventually I will ride a bike. I dream of riding on a Boris bike and when I go back to Amsterdam, to ride on a bike by the canals on a spring day…

StoryHands New Year resolution

L–R: June Sees, Natsuki Otani, Jenny Robins, John Riordan and Martyn Warren

This Illustration is a self-initiated promo postcards for StoryHands Collective and we illustrated our New Year’s Resolutions. And as part of an New Year’s Epic Giveaway.  I have to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who entered in the prize and Congratulations to Hellododo for winning the grand prize!

For those of you who might know, I am also getting married this Summer! So it’s been an incredibly busy months and journey ahead! So apologies for being a hermit, I am not inactive. Just working very hard behind the scenes (juggling with part-time work, illustrating and planning a wedding).

Thank you for being so patient and for reading xx


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