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, photo taken by June Chanpoomidole.

June Sees- stallHello my friends, How are you? I am still recuperating after doing a stall and portrait drawing on Sunday 29th June at Thai Festival at Hook Road Arena. Not because saw loads of dogs! It was a brilliant experience and definite learning curve.

Portrait of Jacqueline

My first portrait of the day: Jacqueline

Last time I did a fair similar to this at Milford’s Amazing Thailand festival, where I did a post here. My style and development have changed so much then, also the difference this time was that I was offering a Live Portrait Service.

June Sees picking brushesI have done so many events before, in Camden Roundhouse, Shoreditch, Corporate businesses but very few I have done an outdoor fair. As my services is incredibly niche and unique, it is not your typically children’s face painting experience. Customers were definitely intrigued.

I was praying to Mother Nature that the weather will stay nice for me. She did seem to answer my prayers but maybe she’s got hay fever, as there were splatter of rain and it was so windy!

The wind did knock my table and prints over which I have managed to save! What I couldn’t save was my watermelon fruit cup 🙁 I wish I ate it quicker.

ladyboys Ladyboys

Beyonce or Boyonce

Beyonce or Boyonce?


I had a good spot, in front of the bouncy castle and front view of the stage where the leading entertainment was the Thai Ladyboys! If you didn’t know already, they are ladies born as men. I spoke to many customers who were so mesmerized by them and ask me questions about, “Why are there so many ladyboys in Thailand?” etc

Muay Thai: Kids tournament

Muay Thai fight ring

Thai dancers

Thai dancers

My loving and supportive husband took photos of the ladyboys performing. He called one, “Boyonce.” Also, there were a Muay Thai Fight ring and Traditional Thai dancing too.

Andy and Aneta: Couples Portraits

Andy and Aneta

Portrait of Somer, 6 yrs old

Portrait of Somer, 6 yrs old

June-Sees-Live-Portrait-Service-Thai Festival-Hook Road Arena Epsom 2014_150px_38

I always loved talking to the person opposite me while I do their portrait. I get to know them better and captures their personality. I loved doing all the portraits, couples, children, elderly. But the most challenging and rewarding one was the portrait of Emma and Saffy, the 8-month playful Labrador.

Saffy, 8 months playful pup

Saffy, 8-month playful Labrador. Finally sitting down

Saffy was so so gorgeous and she greeted me with licks on the face. Everything was so new and exciting to her, she was not sitting still for me or her lovely owner, Emma. When Emma gave her treats and Saffy calmed down, I sketched so quickly was a maniac it was hilarious to see. I wanted to capture her before she runs off and finds satays on the floor.

Portrait of Emma and Saffy the Pup

Emma and Saffy, the 8-month playful Labrador.

Safe to say, Emma and her parents loved the portrait and was incredibly happy with it. And I get to stroke Saffy again.

Awww Twin Dachshunds! Husky

Speaking of Saffy, there were so many dogs! I wish I had time to take photos of them all. I did manage to see a husky and dachshunds. Oh, they are so adorable!

Yes I will do more fairs like this, next time, I’ll eat the food quickly before it drops on the grass.

Audrey Hepburn and my portraits

Audrey Hepburn and June Sees’ portraits




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