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We’ve been meeting and planning, cutting and sticking, packing secret bags and boxes and coming up with all the perfect details to inspire so make sure you book your space if you like being inspired and making exciting art.

Here’s some of the spiel:

As Matisse used his home and studio as creative space, StoryHands invite participants to explore mark making, drawing and creativity throughout the session in Tate Modern, creating a space which acts as a physical extension of the studio and sketchbook. Use a variety of materials and techniques to experiment with typography, colours and patterns, making work which lives in its physical context beyond a simple piece of paper.

StoryHands are devoted to the use of traditional mediums and hand-made creations with minimal computer wizardry: acrylics paints, watercolour, gouache, acetate, pens, inks, colour swatches and endless streams of paper are the tools to their trade. Fashion catwalks, design, portraits, books, comics, murals, fairy tales, music and typography are just few of the inspirations the StoryHands Artists just love to draw.

The workshop will be very fun and process led and although it may take you a little out of your comfort zone, you’ll find good things there we promise.


did we mention it is FREE?

Click here to find out more and book. 


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