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By 29th January 2010March 27th, 2019Uncategorised
Hiya and Good Evening.
It’s a bit weird to start mid January talking about resolutions however I want to be honest. 2010 started off very soothing, bit of a “halting” feeling. The wonderings and pondering what 2010 might mean for everybody.
The year started with the SNOW AGE. The snow just p***ed me off, the traveling, the slipping on the ice (the embarrassment grrr), traffic and the disgruntled grunts. I just hate snow, hate it with a white passion, cried when I was a child and disliked it with a vengence.
But this time while I was at work the snow reminded me of this beautiful scene.

Maybe the snow just an hint of what’s to come, to kind of ‘start anew,’ to cleanse the stresses, heartaches, the struggles the economy brought on or whatever the world had to face last year.

I got into a debate at work, regarding art and science and the person regarded artist as freeloaders with no real contribution to the world.
“How science makes everyone happy and can save lives, art can’t save lives, WHY would anyone buy millions for Mona Lisa, blah blah blah”
Everything in the world is visual and perceptive, artists, illustrators and designers are there to bring the economy back up; creative advertising, design buildings, homes, magazines, visual aids.
Art aids Science. The left and the right. ONE BRAIN.
This person told me, that I’m bullshitting myself and everybody, to think (when you put your mind to it, you can do anything in this world.) Black and white.
This year, 2010, I’m going to use my blog more (with gentle push from my friends who know who they are) for myself. Thoughts, drawings and all. The work in progress to get from left to right, A to B. The final outcome.
I wish everyone, You guys, creatives, illustrators, writers, poets, fine artists, designers, artists, graduates, talented talented graduates, a happy 2010. You bring life into this world, colour, textures, concept, dreams, ideas and all.
I’m going to prove this person wrong. Suck on that ^_^

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