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“I couldn’t resist drawing a handsome portrait with the Pigment Markers. Funny story; my Mum saw this illustration and said he looked more handsome than my Dad!,” June Sees



Close up of Light Portrait Pink colour

Hello my friends, how are you all?

You might have seen the Pigment Markers  on your Instagram feed or in Art shops already.  I use Liquitex Paint Markers for my  drawing events, and I thoroughly enjoy using them however they do have their setbacks.

Always excited to try out new art materials, I leapt at the chance when I got invitation  from  the    London Graphic Centre for their official launch of the  Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers.  Delighted to  meet  Tasha ,  Sherida,  Hannah , Alex at the event for some art related fun!

We had lovely sandwiches and a video presentation laid out, giving more information about the markers.  Then we got stuck into trying out the Pigment Markers for ourselves.


Lots of Washi Tape at the London Graphic Centre!


Illustration by Lucia Emanuela Curzi

Lucia Emanuela Curzi  is a fashion illustrator, was on hand and  demonstrated the Pigment Markers to us.  It was great to see her work.

The Pigment Markers offers a range of  100 colours with the colourless blender and the White blender. The paper specifically used  is coated to allow the colours to float and to move along  the surface, similar to ink, without bleeding.  The pigment makers are pure pigments instead of dyes, which means it  is light fast for 100 years. It has a chisel tip for full coverage and a fine nib for fine details.  The markers are also ergonomic, which is added bonus for drawing hours comfortably.


Papers specially made for Pigment Markers


Close up portrait of Alex



Hannah and Alex loves their portraits!

I did some impromptu illustrated portrait of Hannah and Alex who seems to like it!  Considering I  used the Pigment markers only for a 1 minute!
It was peculiar that the ink dries so slowly. Careful with your fingers and palm for smudges, it happens to me a lot!
This unique property  was is a hit and miss for everyone. I think once you gotten to grips with the material, you’ll learn  what you can do with it.
Oh, I do love the White Blender! It is amazing for adding highlights and blending colours together. You get different tones and gradients when using the White Blender with different colours.

Fine Art Student  painting with the Pigment Markers


Sketching and having fun with the Pigment Markers on my desk

I really like the painterly textures you can get with the Pigment Markers and the endless possibilities of blending multiple colours.  You get really lovely flesh tones, and  saturated primary colours. You can overlay the solid colours on top of one another. Also, it is water-based so you can use it on normal cartridge paper,  it acts as a normal marker or felt tip.  I have not yet tried it but the White blender can be used on coloured and black paper.
I highly recommend playing  with these unique Pigment markers for yourself in stores.
Alternatively you can purchase the pens online at the London Graphic Centre by clicking here.
Top  tips
 To work on an existing  sketch that has dried,  reactivate the colours by applying the colourless blender to wet the colour and work on it as normal.

Free screen printed T-shirts designed by William Broome who is the brand ambassador for Winsor and Newton.

LGC_Pigment_Markers_Launch_13112015_57Will the Pigment Markers replace Watercolours or Ink? No.

I don’t believe it will.  The Pigment Markers is an extension of your creativity  however you wish to use it. For me personally, it is a great tool for sketching, doodling,  and urban sketching.  I can’t wait to use it in my travel sketchbook!

Thank you so much to London Graphic Centre and Winsor and Newton for sending me the Pigment Markers to try out for myself.

Of course, my views written here are my own.

Would you like to see a buyer’s comparison guide of Liquitex Paint Markers and the Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers?

Let me know by leaving a comment.


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  • Natasha says:

    Loved this – interesting to hear your thoughts on whether the markers will replace ink/watercolour. I don’t think they will either, but it’s a good way to bridge the gap… especially for novice painters like myself ha 🙂 Lovely to see you at the event (as always) and now I just need to use my pens! x

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