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Hello, my friends, How are you all?

Thank you to everyone who is following my blog. Your support really means a lot to me, keeps me posting and creating more content.

I want to share a quick post about what happened at the Thai Food and Craft Fair at Hook Road Arena, Epsom on Sunday 14th June.

If you have been following my Twitter Feed,  recent tweets were about this fair and the live portrait drawing I was offering. Also  including Pet Portraits.

I’ve  painted  few pet portraits before but not one on location and live!

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_19_FotorUnfortunately, the dreary, cloudy weather dampened the start of the fair. Scattered showers and all. But despite the grey weather,  people still came! Enjoyed the food  and the entertainment on show.

My stall was close to the stage, so there  were singers, ladyboys and dancing but I didn’t get a chance to take a photo, Sorry!

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_22_Fotor

This time I did get to eat and have a break, unlike last year, my  cup of watermelon was dropped.  I treated myself to a Single Flake  Ice Cream.June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_03_Fotor

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_07_Fotor

So, I’ve brought along my Prints, Father’s Day cards, my Origami Pack and made some creative prizes for the Lucky Dip! Prizes in the Lucky Dip were badges, postcards, pencils, water soluble pencils, felt tips an Muji pens.

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_11_Fotor

I drew portraits of these cute siblings here, they were really good and behaved well despite the weather. Their Nan loved their portrait.

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_08_Fotor

Finally,  I also got to paint a  1-year-old English Bulldog called Moose! He is so handsome! I do have a soft spot for dogs and I was so happy to be  painting his portrait.

Here are   couple of progress shots of completing Moose’s Portrait. 

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_13_Fotor

I’m concentrating really hard to make Moose’s portrait look beautiful
(Also my hair is so frizzy in the rain! >_<)

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_14_Fotor

A very messy desk and ghostly form of Moose

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_17_Fotor

Taa Daah! Finished! Isn’t he the cutest?

It was a welcomed challenge to create a detailed portraiture within the loud atmosphere of the fairs and the distraction of my curious two nieces!

What do you think of  the pet portrait of Moose?

I’d love to hear what you think.  xx

June_Sees_Project_Thai Fair Hook Road Arena_202_Fotor


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