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Hello, my friends! How I miss you all. Thought I’d start by announcing I donated my hair!

It’s been a whirlwind of change for me lately and I thought I start by saying I donated my hair; my long thick locks of hair! Ah!! I’ll start from the beginning of what’s been going on with me. This is my chance to share my personal experiences of donating my hair and accept drastic change. Thought I share you my experiences donating my hair and experiencing change

I officially moved out of the studio space in Kingston and back into the home studio. This is a tough business decision I had to make and I will always treasure the times when I was working late at my desk space in Kingston., painted and illustrated by June Chanpoomidole.

, photo taken by .

So I have been meaning to cut my hair or even

freshen up my appearance lately, especially with the nice sunny weather we’re having. After much research I thought it be a good idea to donate my hair to a good cause; wigs for kids suffering from alopecia and hair loss from cancer treatment.

I’ve taken a rare selfie of me with my long hairstyle I had for over 3 years – grown it out for my Wedding day and kept long. I took it for granted; I always had it in a bun and never taken the time to style or even at days, wash it. But I chickened out, I didn’t know if I could go for it.

14 Inches of hair donated! You need 4/5 pony tails to make one wig. My pony tail could complete two wigs. Wow

14 Inches of hair donated! You need 4/5 pony tails to make one wig. My pony tail could complete two wigs. Wow

Until now.

Something clicked inside me and I realised I need to change. And I knew I had to do it sooner before my nerves fail me. If I’m going to have my hair cut, I might as well donate my thick locks to people who truly need it. The thing is I love my long hair, for awhile it has been a part of my identity and my brand. So this was a decision (like the studio move) that has taken time to fulfil.

I admit, I was in shock for few hours but I had no regrets. To be honest, it feels surreal, I don’t even acknowledge I have shorter hair now.

I recommend it, so good to have a drastic change. Knowing that donating my hair will give a little boy or girl that new lease of confidence in their appearance; makes me extremely happy.

Also, what I learned was that change is good and it is necessary to grow as a person. Even the smallest changes makes a huge difference; change in habit, change in diet, change in mindset, change in environment- I could go on. I know CHANGE is scary and sometimes, it comes and forces your hand – it’s how we adapt to change that we become the person we want to be.


I took a video along and filmed the whole chop. I’ll only upload if you guys want to see it. So, would you like to see the filming of the haircut?

How to donate your hair:

- Wash and dry your hair
- Do not add conditioner or styling products
- You can donate minimum 7 inches to 14 of hair
- Plait your hair (best to do it in two plaits if you have thick hair like me)
- Ask your hairdresser to cut above the band/s nearest your head
- Now have the rest of your hair cut and styled as you wish
- Put the ponytails in a self-seal freezer bag
- Place them in a padded envelope and post using a standard service to:
  Little Princess Trust Sheridan House, 114-116 Western Road, HOVE BN3 1DD (UK)

The Little Princess Trust is only one of the few charities you can donate your hair too. You can check out the Facebook campaign of the Hair to Spare challenge.



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