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We got something exciting to show you. Our Posters and Flyers for “The Picture Show!”

It was a team effort. Che came up with the design for ‘The Picture Show’ logo. Me and Jo worked together to design the poster and flyer for the exhibition.

Thank you to our lovely sponsors who support our exhibition. To GH Cityprint, who printed our official flyers and posters for the show. Also to GF Smith Papers who kindly donated their paper to us. Their paper really lifts the colours up. They came out beautifully and hope you can see from the photos.

Also Thank you to Barefoot Wines, who kindly providing the refreshments for our event. Their wines are divine!

If you would like to support our exhibition and have our show on your listings, please contact us on: contactpictureshow[at]gmail[dot]com OR mail[at]junesees[dot]com

Much Love xx


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