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, photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole)., photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole).Hello my friends, How are you all today?

My apologies, I have not blogged in awhile. Currently, I am going through something personal at the moment.

To bring light, I thought I would blog about my new Studio Space at Courtyard Studio, Panther House, 38 Mount Pleasant. I am so excited about.

, photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole).I just love the hand lettering of the signage, just exquisite. Also, I am fortunate to have a flowers and a window view. This is a great location bang in the heart of Central London, in between Chancery Lane, Farringdon and Kings Cross St Pancreas.

The building, I think, used to be a Victorian Workhouse…

I am still exploring, walking around and seeing new sights, which makes such a change working from home! There are market stalls, boutique cafes, libraries, book shops, etc. I can’t wait to explore more. am sharing the space with my fellow talented illustrators and creatives, Karin whom I met at House of Illustration Fair and Amber Hsu, Creator of Tiny Pencil Magazine. Who have given me such a warm welcome.

Freddy the Yeti from MailChimp!, photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole).

Freddy the Yeti – I got from MailChimp! And Crazy Panda from Beijing Olympics exhibition at V&A

To be honest, I am settling into my new studio space. For many years, I am so used to working from Home and getting in the habit of solitude and comfortable trousers.

, photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole).

, photo taken by June Sees (June Chanpoomidole).

It’ll be good to see if my productivity improves, working in a studio dedicated space.

Thank you for reading and I hope you having a lovely summer! xx


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