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June is an illustrator based in Greater London.


She has provided live illustrations and organized workshops for the Tate Collective, The Big Draw and We Built this City.
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Creating illustrations celebrating your vision


June Chanpoomidole is an illustrator and University of Westminster Illustration alumnus. Her work focuses on visual storytelling for print and digital media. Her illustrations are full of beautiful figures, painterly textures, and a colourful palette.

As a result, she creates beautiful illustrations that are unique to your project, which will reconnect and intrigue your audiences.

In addition, June provides live illustration and creative workshops for brands, businesses, and events. She’s a firm believer in rekindling the creative spirit, helping productivity and boosting confidence.

Her previous commissions have involved illustrating dancers live, organising workshops for young people, creating wedding decorations and invitations, painting fashion illustration and designing and branding business.

June’s cultural heritage plays an integral part in her work; born in the UK, and surrounded by the Thai community, she’s inspired by the rich colours, spices, and traditions of her ancestry.

Her inspirations includes animation, Pre-Raphaelites, Travel, Foreign cinema, cinematography, botanical gardens, and Hans Christian Andersen.

Also, June has exhibited at a variety of exhibitions and pop-up shows such as “The Picture Show” at the Coningsby Gallery, “Mail Me Art 3: Short & Sweet” Exhibition and “Art Vs Cancer” exhibition in Manchester.

Having previously worked in a gallery, June’s an avid supporter of the Arts and Design. She writes about exhibitions and shows on her blog.

Currently, she works and resides in a suburban village in Greater London, that was once graced by the Tudors and King Henry VIII.

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Photo of June Sees at her studio, Spring 2017
, photo taken by June Chanpoomidole.

Selected Clients:

We Built This City | Camden Market | Tate Modern | Mail Me Art| Movember | Bambu IOS App | Ballad of | Flamingo Magazine | Sketchbook Magazine
| Amelia’s Magazine | Amelia’s Compendeum of Fashion Illustration | Happy Journey Collective | If I were you…Project | Illustration Rally | LA Fashion Snob
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