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Hello my friends, how are you all?

This weekend is forecast to be gorgeous weather. So  I am going to tell you the reasons why you should visit the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy  this  closing weekend.

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Photo of me hard at work. Follow me on Instagram: @ Junesees

If you follow me on Instagram, I’ve been having so much fun  creating lovely typography using a brush traditionally used by sign painters.  It’s typically made of  squirrel’s hair, with long bristles.

It was difficult to use at first, I’m not used to handling a unique brush. After practicing all morning yesterday, I got the hang of it. So this post I hope you like my hand lettering using this  traditional method.

Check out this hypnotic  and soothing video .


To be honest, I’ve never been to see the Annual Summer exhibition at the Royal Academy before until now.  It’s an amazing exhibition, I  fully enjoyed myself and I felt like  a proper grown up  with cool refreshing drink in my hand and looking at the art.


Reason 1: Find your inner artist.

The vibrant colours on the walls  screams  Summer.

This exhibition is a visual feast for the eyes  and tiring experience I must say!  There will be artworks that you will love and you will detest. It’s natural everyone has  their personal taste.

Sometimes it the artworks that you did not notice or even thought of, that surprises you the most.

June_Sees_illustration_Web_FRIEND-V2 Reason 2: Make new friends!

I had pleasant conversations with visitors and staff at the Summer Exhibition. It was a lovely feeling talking to others and engaging with them. The exhibition has a  buzzing atmosphere of being at a  festival.

Being in an eclectic exhibition, people want to converse, discuss and  want to know which art you like. Our common ground is that we all come to see the artwork.

Why not, ask someone which artwork  speaks to them?


Reason 3: Photography is allowed! Take photos

Photography is allowed in the Summer Exhibition for the first time ever!

You can now share the artwork and experience with your friends and relatives.

Remember,  beats seeing the artwork for yourself. No amount of photos online can give you that experience.

The exhibition finished this Sunday.

Can you think of more reasons to visit the Summer Exhibition? 

I love to hear from you.

FINAL DAYS: If online tickets are unavailable for your chosen timeslot, you can buy tickets in person at the RA. Please note that queues may form at peak times.

Ticket Information

Exhibition closes tomorrow, Sunday 16th August.

Admissions: £13.50 (without donation £12). Concessions available.

Friends of the RA and under 16s go free.

For further information about booking and ticket prices, please click here to go to the official website.


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  • Hey, was looking for a way to private message on here. Love your blog. I came across it looking for the V&A posts, but I remember my flatmate Ruth showing me your website years ago. Didn’t want to be creepy and not mention it 😉

    • June Sees says:

      Hello, thank you for your message. No worries, I love receiving and reading comments, it means I am doing my job properly and engaging with you. 😉

      Thank you, I have a best friend called Ruth and she lives in the Czech, is that your flatmate? Sorry if I got the wrong person!

      I’m glad you like my posts! Keep going with your blog too. The film reviews is a great addition 🙂


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