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Happy New Year’s Eve my friends!

How was your Christmas?

I have been in that odd hibernation mode when all the days merged after Boxing Day until Today! Consciously I thought I should do one last post of 2014! What better way to do it but have a look back at what I have been up to the last 12 months.

It’s been pretty funny to look back on my iPhoto library and see all the experiences I had. Jogs my memory to see how much I have achieved. Sometimes it’s the daily victories that amount to the bigger part of your life.

Here’s are my memorable and proudest in 2014.


Me and my husband, Robert at the Women Fashion Power exhibition at the Design Museum


Birthday card illustrated by my friend, Paul Shinn! Go check him out


Wedding Anniversary trip to Bath


Trip to tranquil, Sagres, Algarve Portugal


View from our hotel room in Sagres

I'm so proud of Dad invited to arrange flowers for the The Colours of Thailand event at Westfield, Shephard's Bush London

I’m so proud of Dad being invited to arrange flowers for “The Colours of Thailand” event at Westfield Shopping Mall, Shepherd’s Bush London


Got a front row seat at the “The Colours of Thailand” Catwalk show at Westfield Shopping Mall, London. The collection comes from Queen Sirikit Fashion and Textile Museum, Bangkok, Thailand.


Birthday Cake I made for Robert


Making my own gift wrap with block printing

What were my achievements in 2014?

Invited to run a workshop at Tate Modern!


Top: Me, Antonia and Jenny Bottom: Me explaining about colour themes.


Running the Matisse Cut Outs inspired workshop at Tate Modern in May 2014 with my collective, StoryHands! StoryHands was co-founded by myself and Jenny Robins and Antonia joined us late 2013. This was an amazing experience, it was immensely fulfilling to talk to young people and encourage their creativity. You can read more about the post here.Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-tate_Fotor_Collage


Organising a workshop for The Big Draw Campaign

Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-33 Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-34

Jenny and me of StoryHands organised another workshop as part of The Big Draw Campaign. This time, it was a scavenger hunt to draw hidden items and imaginary scenarios in London. We aimed it at families and pub crawl drawing told for the adults. We had positive feedback throughout the walks even the Director of Campaign for Drawing attended our walks! Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-37



It was lovely to meet everyone who came and I would like to organise an event of this calibre again. Would you be interested in drawing events like this? You can read more about the post here.

Drawing portraits at the Epsom Thai Festival

Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-29 Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-27

Creating Portrait drawings at the Thai festival in Epsom. I got to live draw a dog portrait! This was a super fun experience. Look at more photos of the Thai festival here.

Moving into Courtyard Studio in London

Moving into Courtyard Studio this August

Getting a studio space in London! I finally moved into London in Courtyard Studio based in Chancery Lane. I wanted to see how working in a dedicated studio space will help my productivity. Look at more photos of the studio space here.

What was the difficult time over the past year?


My illustration and my job had to take a backseat as my beloved Mum was taken ill and had an emergency operation back in March 2014. That traumatic experience you would never forget, the agony of waiting for an ambulance, waiting in A&E and visiting Mum in hospital.


Visiting Mum in hospital on Mother’s Day. I illustrated a card for her.

When Mum was finally discharged from hospital, I decided to take time off work and look after her full-time. This included hospital appointments, regular district nurse visit, housekeeping, keeping track of medication and supplies.

I rehabilitated her back into recovery and I knew I needed to bring her confidence up. This is a decision, I have found out through speaking to other relatives and discussions that many people would not do.

I’m not going to pretend and say it was bed of roses. Yes, there were times when I was exhausted, when I hardly ate or socialised, when my patience was tested, but this was for my Mum and I love her. I had good people around me and great support network of nurses who helped in this unique circumstances.

Even though this was a difficult time for the family, I’ll look back at the memories I had spending time with Mum. When we celebrated Easter, ate at McDonald’s, went to London, taught her how to use her phone, etc.

Mum has now recovered beautifully and now enjoying herself. Especially now Dad brought her a new iPad!

Junesees-blog-2014-year-review-2At the end of the year, 2014, I made a life changing decision… 

I made a decision to become a Freelance Illustrator, full-time. It has been a dream of mine and I had part-time job supplementing it. But getting married, looking after Mum made me analyse my path in life and what I truly want to do.

To be honest with you, I am looking forward to the New Year. I’m taking steps into a career path I have paved for myself.

2015, I know will not be easy, there will be obstacles, but my gosh, I am ready to learn from it and it will be amazing.Junesees-blog-christmas-designmuseum-giveaway-lowres-hand

Whatever you get up to. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Thank you for reading



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